Our Story

Discovering a Need

Central Texas was buzzing with brilliance, and Dr. Jawad Ali, a surgeon deeply embedded in this ecosystem, noticed something. There were innovators everywhere—yet, there seemed to be invisible walls separating them, stifling collaboration and progress. While there were organizations in place, many lacked the core mission of connectivity. Jawad envisioned a platform—a nexus—where these builders could come together, share, and grow. It would unite them alongside the other myriad stakeholders needed to truly create change at the complex intersection of health and technology.

The Validation

To ensure his vision wasn't a mere mirage, Jawad hosted an initial stakeholder dinner, inviting a diverse group from the medtech industry. The overwhelming positive feedback was clear: the community needed AMC.

The Journey Begins

The early days of AMC saw the passionate commitment of industry leaders like Jeff Levine and Kristin Norton. Zain Kazmi, a health system leader, and Jay Pendleton, a medtech sales pioneer, were early partners as well. Their belief in AMC's mission, even when it was a mere "napkin sketch" idea shared over a meal at Whole Foods, laid the foundation. From its inception, AMC was about more than just events or networking. It was about creating meaningful connections.

Community Impact

AMC isn't just an organization; it's a community movement. Both long-term Austinites and newcomers find value in our initiatives. Our events and programs have been described as transformative, creating meaningful connections and driving progress.

Partnerships and Expansion

Our growth journey has been marked by valuable partnerships. With allies throughout Texas we've expanded our reach, hosting events in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. These events aren't about overshadowing existing organizations; they're about understanding, interfacing, and true statewide collaboration.

Personal Reflection by Jawad Ali

For our team, AMC isn't a business; it's a passion. "It's been a labor of love. I don't profit from this, nor do I intend to. But the belief that I can contribute to advancing the healthcare narrative of this region, ensuring better care for Texans, keeps me going."

Join Our Mission

Be a part of our story. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, an industry veteran, or someone passionate about making healthcare better, there's a place for you at AMC. Let's connect, innovate, and shape the future as health intersects technology in Central Texas.

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